Summer Craft for Kids: 2 Ways to Make Suncatchers

There are two ways to make a suncatcher – you can melt beads into a frame or you can simply add color with a translucent paint. The kids love to see their creations turned into pretty window art and it’s fun to watch the transformation. Today, I’ll show you how we made both kinds. The packages come with step by step instructions, but I’ll show you how we made ours.

Suncatcher-coloring-Crafts UnleashedSupplies needed to make your own suncatchers:

supplies for baked suncatchersMake sure to read the package instructions thoroughly to set your oven and bake properly. 

Step 1: Place the metal frame on an aluminum foil covered cookie sheet. Make sure the foil is smooth or the beads will melt into the shape of any creases in the foil.  Pour each package of colored beads into individual bowls or shallow cups. This will make it easier to pick individually colored beads as needed.

Step 2: Make a mini scoop with the plastic straw. We found that making a tiny spoon from a straw really helped in placing the colored beads in detailed areas. Simpy cut off one side of a regular plastic straw as shown.

Make a mini scoop with a plastic strawStep 3: Fill in the frame with your beads of choice. Once you are finished, bake as directed.

Placing colored beads in suncatcher frame

Suncatcher ready to bakeAfter your melted suncatcher has cooled, add a string and hang.

Finished baked suncatcherThe second decorating option is a painted design. The suncatchers come already filled with a clear plastic, and you simply paint them however you like with the special suncatcher paint. These tend to be an easier project for younger kids or kids with a shorter attention span. This is also a great group activity, especially if you get one of the large group kits which comes with a variety of designs.

Painting suncatcher kitTip: paint slowly to avoid bubbles in your suncatcher art. Too much water or fast painting will result in little air bubbles that dry in place.

paint each suncatcher with bright colors

Suncatchers are a great group activitySuncatchers are a fun summertime activity for boys and girls. The kits come in a variety of themes from flowers to cars, so there’s something for everyone! Make a pile of suncatchers and then decorate the windows with pretty color art pieces. Have fun!

About Jen Goode

Jen Goode is the owner and “doodler in charge," a Denver based art and design studio. She has been a creative professional since 1996, developing art for a variety of uses in an array of mediums from handmade crafts to Graphic design and illustration. Jen, a designer member of CHA, is a tech savvy, work-at-home mom of 3 who shares her creative inspirations with other moms through her site Projects for Preschoolers and as a featured contributor on various sites throughout the web. Jen's motto is "Inspiring Smiles Every Day."


  1. Barbara Anderson says:

    I am very interested in the bead and frame kit that you can bake in over…looking like stain glass. Could I buy these kits directly from u ? How can I go about that ? Perhaps u can give me some idea of price,etc…..I live in Canada. Thank u

  2. JaneEllen says:

    I’m an old kid but I’d love to make those just for something to do to keep myself occupied, would be fun to make both kits. Happy summer

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