Use Bowdabra’s Hair Bow Tool and Ruler to Make Back-to-School Bows

Coordinate new back-to-school outfits with matching hair bows.  Use Bowdabra’s NEW Hair Bow Tool & Ruler to make easy hairBowdabra Hair Bow Tool and Ruler bows to match all of your daughter’s clothes.  The Hair Bow Tool & Ruler comes with interactive software to make 70 different hair bow styles.  The interactive software gives step-by-step instructions with pictures, an easy to follow material list, a ribbon length chart for all standard bows, helpful hints, and frequently asked hair bow making questions.

I wanted to make my daughter some special hair bows for her first day of school.  I started by lining two snap clips with 3/8” grosgrain ribbon.

How to line snap clips:

1. First begin by hot gluing the 3/8″ wide ribbon to the end of the snap clip.  Place the ribbon onto the top of the snap clip and hot glue it in place.


2. Wrap the ribbon tightly around one side of the snap clip.  Hot glue the ribbon onto the clip to hold it in place.


3. Next, wrap the ribbon around the point of the snap clip, got glue and pinch the ribbon together.  Bring the ribbon around to the other side.


4. Wrap the other side of the snap clip tightly and hot glue the ribbon end.  Make two matching snap clips.


5. Using the Hair Bow Tool and Ruler’s interactive CD  follow the simple instructions to make a Quad Pinwheel Bow using 7/8″ wide Grosgrain Ribbon and add a small Boutique Bow using the same 3/8′ wide ribbon that you lined the snap clips with.


6. Make two matching bows using the Mini Bowdabra, Hair Bow Tool and Ruler, and Bowdabra Bow Wire.


Trim away extra Bowdabra Bow Wire, hot glue a finishing ribbon onto the bows, and then hot glue the bows onto the metal ends of the lined snap clips.


Make several bows using different colored ribbon to match your daughter’s outfits.


Use the Hair Bow Tool and Ruler interactive CD to make loads of different styled bows, even the hard to make baby bows. The interactive CD gives step-by-step instructions for hair bow making from start to finish. Learn how to attach bows to alligator clips, combs, hair elastics, and headbands.   Follow the easy tutorials for finishing the bows with ribbon, finishing knots, beads, even buttons!

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  1. C L Bartlett says

    Love the idea of matching clips for each outfit!! I have the mini bowdabra and hairbow tool with the CD and I want to thank you for making the directions sooo easy to follow. I can’t wait to get started on this project! By the way, I appreciate the pictures that accompany the step by step instructions, they really help.


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