Free To Do List Magnet Template

I love “to do” lists. I love laying out my plan for the day and checking boxes. But I get a little annoyed at writing the same things on my to do list all the time– there are lots of repetitive tasks that I need to be reminded of. I decided there had to be a better way to remind myself of the mundane items without making almost the same list over and over. Here’s my solution, and I’m kinda in love with it. My “to do” list magnets are the result:

I decided “To Do” and “Done” were all I need in terms of categories. Each night I’ve been moving them to their place for the following morning. Some of these are things I do every day, others are less frequent, but all of them are frequent enough that I don’t need to keep writing them down. But do I still need the reminder? For sure. With all of the possible distractions in a day, a reminder that I need a plan for dinner before, say, 5 pm is always helpful to me. It’s painful to admit how many times I’ve found myself without any sort of plan when the kids are already flailing and ready to eat.

I used my Silhouette Cameo machine to cut out my magnet shapes, but you can easily create this without a machine. Swap out a few supplies and cut out the shapes manually, and you’re good to go!

Supplies needed if you are using a Silhouette machine:

Supplies needed if you do not have a cutting machine:

Getting started, make sure your “Show Reg Marks” box is checked. Those help the Silhouette line up the cuts later so that the final product is perfectly aligned. I created simple solid circles and added my text for the things I do most often.

When your designs are finished, select the cut style button in the top bar. You’ll want the outsides of your shapes set to cut, but not the lettering inside.

Without a machine: Now is the time to open the template in your photo editing program and add the text to the circles. I left the circles blank so you can choose whatever chores and reminders you would like – totally customizable! Follow the directions on the printable magnetic sheets then manually cut out your shapes.

Print your design. The registration marks – those small black lines – will print since you’ve set them to print.

Trim a sheet of the adhesive magnet paper to fit behind the shapes you intend to cut. Here I only used half of a sheet.

Peel the liner off of the magnetic sheet and apply it to the back of your printed page.

Line your sheet up on the cutting mat.

Because that “Show Reg Marks” box is checked, when you direct the Silhouette to cut it will first scan to locate those marks. Once it’s done that, it’ll cut your magnets! Note: I didn’t follow the package directions for the magnetic sheets. It directs you to cut the paper and the magnet separately and stick them together. That’s a bit more fiddly than I thought I could pull off and line them up cleanly, so instead I applied the printed page to the magnet and cut them both simultaneously. This is living dangerously, crafty-style. I chose the “magnetic sheet” cut depth in the Silhouette dialogue and I added one unit to the cut depth. It told me that the blade should be set at “8” and I set it at “9”. You’ll have to take the thickness of your card stock into account and try it. Or follow the package directions if you’re feeling less inclined to danger.

Once the magnets are cut, press them out from the back side.

And you’re done! Line ’em up where you’ll be able to see them and rearrange each day.

I hope you enjoy this free to do list magnet template and you will find it helpful in your everyday busy life!


  1. Connie Wolgamott says

    So then do you just put them on your frig or did you put them on a metal board painted white to stick them to and hang it up somewhere? My frig is always full of this and that from the kids… I guess you could use velcro too and have the board be made out of a material that the velcro could stick to?

    Just curious…

  2. Julie H says

    What a great idea! It might motivate me to move from TO DO to DONE if it is hanging around for everyone to see!


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