How-to: Iced Cupcake Gift Boxes

Teacher appreciation week and Mother’s Day are both coming up!  Even when you give store bought items, it’s still fun to add a personal touch with a handmade card or gift bag.

Cupcake-gift-boxes-Crafts-UnleashedThese cute cupcake gift boxes are a fun way to let someone know you think they are super sweet!

cupcake boxesSupplies needed to make your own cupcake gift boxes:supply-list

Step one: Mix paint with True Snow to achieve the desired color.
Step two: Spread the tinted True Snow on the cupcake top like icing.  I tried piping it on, but the consistency wasn’t thick enough and just looked messy.  I think it looks more authentic when I ice it like I do my own edible cupcakes.  Press a cabochon flower on top.  Set it aside to dry.
Step three: Cut a piece of paper so it’s 12 inches by 2.25 inches.  Use a scoring tool to score lines, then accordian fold.  Glue the ends together to make a cupcake wrapper.
Step four: Use a glue gun to adhere the paper wrapper to the cupcake base.
Step five: Paint the dried cupcake top with Mod Podge Gloss to give it a wet, glossy look.  Paint the paper wrappers with Mod Podge Matte to give them the waxy feel of real cupcake liners.You can embellish the cupcake gift boxes with piped on True Snow, or by adding seed beads to look like sprinkles.  I used a small amount of Dimensional Magic to adhere the beads to the “icing.”
My two year old was so disappointed that he couldn’t eat the cupcakes!  I had to open it to show him it was just a box, and he had such a confused look on his face.
Hopefully, the recipients of these gift boxes won’t look as dismayed as my son did.  Fill the cupcake gift boxes with treats, jewelry, a note, or any other sweet gesture.  This will be one gift box the recipient is sure to hold on to!

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