Meet It Monday: Core’Dinations Card Sets & Tags

Core'Dinations Card Sets and TagsI love Core’dinations cardstock, and on more than one occasion I’ve cut a piece of cardstock down to make a card. My life has just gotten easier- Core’Dinations is now making card sets! They come in 4.5 X 6.5 or 5X7 and in brights, pastels and darks. And each card set has 35 cards and envelopes (which are white.) WOW!

If that wasn’t good enough, Core’Dinations is also now making tags! They come in four color combos: brights, pastels, darks, and white. Each pack has 21 tags and each one already has a metal eyelet pre-set, saving you another step!

That’s a lot of goodie! And it makes it super-easy to just pull a blank tag whenever you get inspired and get creative.

We’ve got a lot of great projects planned coming up with these cards and tags…here are just a few ideas to get YOU inspired!

Core'Dinations Card Sets and Tags

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  1. shirley rogers says:

    I had would have to say that, my embossing tools are my favorites. I just enjoy making wonderful arts and crafts with my grandchildren. Thank you so much for your inspirational and hours of fun ideas!

  2. Victoria says:

    Oh, I want the cards! Wonder if they’ll do them in the Ranger collections?

  3. Cyndi Stephenson says:

    I love the idea of pre-cut tags. When you need to make one quick this will make it so much easier. Thanks.
    cstephenson at q dot com

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