Christmas Card Ideas: Washi Tape Tree

christmas-card-ideas-washi-tape-treeWhen it comes to the holidays, everyone is searching for unique Christmas card ideas. Washi Tape Christmas Cards are the second style of cards I am making this year. The first set I made were the easy vine embellished cards.  Yes, I am using kraft paper this time, too.  I am seriously hooked on a few staples this season. Washi tape, kraft, and jute.  Nap time crafting has to be quick, easy and still look nice.  Sometimes I worry that quick and easy crafts look like a kindergartener created it.  Slowly I am getting over that thought.

Christmas Card Ideas – Washi Tape Tree Supplies:



Start by cutting a single strip to form the base of the tree.  Make the next strip 1/4 shorter on each side and place about an 1/8th of an inch above the bottom strip.

christmas-card-ideas-washi-tape-treeRepeat the same step for each strip.

christmas-card-ideas-washi-tape-treeOnce you have the strips on the paper, use the Sharpie marker to fill in the stem of the washi tape Christmas tree.  Place a small drop of adhesive on the back of the button and place it on top of the tree.

christmas-card-ideas-washi-tape-treePlace the pearls in random spots along the tree branches.  I used the same color on most of the cards and then used the left overs and combined colors for a few.  I also used other colors to make the washi tape christmas trees.

christmas-card-ideas-washi-tape-treeAnd you’re done! This may be the cutest of the Christmas card ideas YET!


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    Really really cute! I’m kind of addicted to all the washi tape projects that I’m seeing out there, got my order in and now can’t decide what to do first! Thanks for sharing!


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