Fall Felt Leaf Garland

Fall has finally officially arrived!  Time to break out the leaves and decorate.  I have a really simple craft project for you today.  Plus once it is complete it does not look simple so you can amaze your family and friends.  Let’s get started making this lovely fall felt holiday garland.

Supplies needed for your own fall holiday garland:

I ordered two of the wreath kits from ConsumerCrafts, expecting them to be smaller.  There are so many leaves in one kit.  I used almost an entire kit and have over 10 feet of garland!  The leaves that you get in the kit are pictured below.  The variety of types and colors appears to be random.

The floss pictured above is 6 strand embroidery thread.  I separated it into three strands and threaded through a large needle.

Then, I just hand stitched the leaves together.  I made it where there was only a small stitch visible on the “front”.

And the larger leaf length stitch on the back.  The leaves have somewhat of a pattern to how I stitched them together.  But like I said before, the package is random so you might have to use more of one type or color than another.

That is all there is to this one!  Just a few TV episodes over a few days and I had over 10 feet of garland.   I love that I could walk away from this one at any time.  I just worked on it a little at a time.

I actually hung this from the light in my kitchen over my Thanksgiving table.  A fun and festive addition to your fall decor.

This one would also look amazing hanging on your fall mantle.  The pre-cut leaves are perfect for this craft and make it super simple!

The other great thing about this craft is that it is very inexpensive.  The leaf kit is under $5 and you may already have floss and a needle on hand.  Add this to your fall craft to-do list today!

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