Halloween Cricut Cake Project

With Halloween right around the corner, I thought it would be fun to use the Cricut Cake and the Cricut Cake Holiday Cakes cartridge to decorate a cake perfect for the spooky holiday.

Using the Cricut Cake Gum Paste, I cut out four images and painted them with different colors I created by thinning out different gel food colors with clear vanilla extract. You have to use something with a high alcohol content so that the paint will quickly dry on the Gum Paste, if you use water you might actually begin to dissolve through the gum paste.

The Cricut Cake Tool Kit comes in very handy, using the needle tool to remove any cutout pieces from the gum paste, the large spatula to help apply the pieces to the cake, and the fondant smoother to help remove any air bubbles. Having the right tools to help you can make all the difference!

Because the cake was frosted in buttercream, all the decorations stuck right on, without anything extra to help them stick. Making this Halloween Cake was fast and easy with the Cricut Cake, and I kept in mind my sizes, this is a Cricut Cake Mini Compatible project!

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