Holiday Cookies Using the Cricut Cake

Here’s a fun and edible craft for our Christmas in July week! This time, we’re going to use the Cricut Cake to cut frosting sheets to make amazing holiday cookies you’ll be so proud to serve, you won’t want to eat!

cricutcake 024

You’ll need:

  • Cricut Cake Machine
  • Frosting Sheets
  • Canned Frosting & blue food coloring
  • Drop and bake refrigerated cookies

Start off my baking your cookies and let them cool. In the meanwhile, add a few drops of blue food coloring to your frosting and mix well. Frost your cooled cookies.

To make the snowflake decorations,we’re going to cut shapes from the frosting sheets. First, prepare the mat by brushing solid vegetable shortening on the cutting mat.

cricutcake 004Then, remove the frosting sheet from the package and backing sheet and place it on the mat. Use a rolling pin to smooth out any bubbles and make sure the frosting sheet is very well adhered.

The frosting sheet will become translucent when applied to the mat.

The frosting sheet will become translucent when applied to the mat.

Using the Cake Basics cart that comes with your machine, select the snowflake image. I adjusted the size using the size wheel until the display read 2″. That’s just about perfect for a cookie!

cricutcake 017Hit the “cut” button, and viola! Frosting sheet snowflakes!

A perfect, intricate cut!

A perfect, intricate cut!

Repeat as many times as you need for your batch of cookies. Something to take note of: if you are using a tinted frosting, the frosting sheets will become translucent where they touch the frosting. For best results, frost your cookies beforehand and then place our snowflake decorations just before serving. (Keep them in a plastic baggie so they don’t go stale in the meanwhile.)

cricutcake 025

Now for a GIVEAWAY! We’re going to give one lucky reader a Cricut Cake cartridge- HOLIDAY CAKES! That way you’ll be able to create lovely items for all your holiday occasions. And don’t forget, the Cricut Cake cartridge will work perfectly in your Expression, baby Bug, or Create machine too! We’ll select one winner at random at 12:00 EST on Friday, July 23. Good Luck!


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  1. This cartridge would be awesome to add to my burgeoning collection.

  2. This is an awesome tool. I’d LOVE to own one myself. Also. LOVE your fantastic tutorials!!!

  3. This looks like a great cartridge, so much fun to make these cookies and other occasions, sure would like to try this out, hope I will have the chance.

  4. Margi Lunn says:

    I would love to win this cartridge. My niece’s wedding is in winter and I could make wonderful projects for her wedding. Thanks for the opportunity to win.

  5. Deborah (Sadie Jayne) says:

    I have this machine on my Birthday wish list (July 29th) I would love to have this cartridge to go with it! Hopefully the Birthday fairy comes through with the machine!

  6. Linda Davis says:

    I have 4 g-kids and they would love for me to make their B-day cakes from the CRICUT CAKE MAKER.

  7. This is so neat!! Just sparks my mind full of ideas. I would love to win yet if I do, I will certainly need a machine to go with it. Good thing my 8 year anniversary is coming up, I might have to leave the Mister with some hints.
    Thanks for the chance!

  8. Elaine Kontra says:

    This would great for my crafting of all sorts. Thanks for the opportunity

  9. chris l says:

    how cool is this neat little machine, i would love one to create with

    • Hey, Chris- it IS a cool machine! However, we aren’t giving away the Cricut Cake, just the cartridge. But has them for a great price and free shipping!

  10. I would really enjoy the cricut cake!!!!!! There is so much that can be done with this cartridge!!!!

  11. I love the cricut cake!!!!! I wanna win this one!!! :D


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