Kid Zombie Silhouettes

There are a lot of Halloween decoration options. This year I decided I wanted my kids involved. And by involved, I mean I decided to decorate with my kids. Well, not with them, but WITH them. I made my 6-year-old into a creepy kid zombie silhouette!

It’s quick and easy to do. The supplies needed for a kid zombie silhouette:

Photograph or find your zombie image. Print it in black and white at about a 1/4 page size so that it will fit in the projection frame.

Outline the silhouette.

Measure your destination location and cut a piece of black Foamie material to fit. Tape that onto a shadowed or dark wall and get ready to project!

Project your image and trace the outside.

A plain ball point pen will work for transferring the outline.

Cut out the silhouette.

Use clear tape to stick it to the window. By day it’s creepy from the inside, and at night creepy from the outside! I’m thinking it’s an added level of home security– zombie protection 24/7. In terms of durability, because it’s foam, you don’t have to worry about moisture warping the image, and it will roll and unroll for storage and future creepy use!



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