Mini Chalkboard Gift Tags

Hi guys – I’m back again from Shrimp Salad Circus for the second day in a row of cute gift embellishing projects! Today’s project takes a plain little chalkboard and turns it into an adorable gift tag that your recipient will love to reuse. In fact, they can turn it into a great little Christmas ornament for next year. Combine this with yesterday’s gold tassel, and you’ve got a great finished present!

Supplies for mini chalkboard gift tags:

Leave the woodburning tool plugged in for a few minutes before starting. Make sure you’ve attached the straight, pointy tip. You just unscrew the tips to switch them out. When it’s really hot, use it just like you would with a pencil to ‘draw’ a design onto the wooden chalkboard frame. Be sure to press down hard enough to make good contact. You can do stripes, dots, a zigzag, or a pattern of hash marks, like I did here.

Scribble all over the writing surface with a piece of chalk, leaving a dark impression.

Lightly wipe off the chalk marks with a dry paper towel. This will give it a broken-in look.

Use a white chalk marker to write the name of your gift recipient. You could use the chalk instead, but I like the dark, clean finish from the marker.

Just hang it on a gift, and you’re good to go, though I’d recommend combining it with my gold tassel tutorial from yesterday!

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