Organization Week: Jen’s Studio Peek

Editor’s Note: Welcome to Organization Week! We’re spending a whole week sharing our favorite organization tips, peeks of our studio spaces, and offering solutions or products that will help you start the New Year tidy and efficient! Today Design Team Member Jen Clark shares a “sneak peek” into her crafting space!

With four children 5 and under, one of whom I home school, two of which are twins, one of whom has special needs, and one of whom is a newborn, I NEED my crafting time.  Not like I need a pair of new shoes or I need allergy medicine when I sneeze.  I mean…I *NEED* my crafting time.  It’s the one thing that keeps me sane.  So my studio is where I spend every moment of free time I get (yes, you are nodding, I get a LOT of free time…right? Yeah. Right.).  Alas, since I do spend whatever spare time I can find in there, I’ve found over the years that I need it to be organized just right – for ME – not the way someone else organizes THEIR studio – but the way it works best for ME.  It is still a constantly evolving process, but I have gotten to a place where I do LOVE my studio now.

Jen's Studio Peek

For today, I want to share with you my main crafting station.  I can’t really take credit for the original design, though.  I saw something similar on a blog I liked – Stop Staring and Start Sewing – and my awesome hubby and visiting father helped figure out the best way to put something similar together.

The base of the work station is made up of  6 wire-shelved kitchen carts from Ikea.  Four of them are 36″ long, and two of them are 11″ long.  They are organized in a way that makes them all accessible either from the front or the back of the work station.  The top of the work station is first a 4-foot by 8-foot piece of 3/4″ thick MDF, which is then topped with a piece of the same size flat white wall paneling.  We glued the wall paneling piece to the MDF, set the entire piece on top of the wire shelving, which had already been arranged the way I wanted it.  Then we screwed eyehole screws into the bottom of the worktop (the MDF), and used wire – wrapping it around the tops of the shelving, and through the eyeholes, to attach the worktop to the shelving, so the shelving and the desktop couldn’t move around at all.

Because the worktop is so large, I was able to use double-stick tape and attach my large cutting mat down on one end of the worktop – which is great, because I hated constantly having to drag it out or find a place to keep it when I wasn’t using it.  The shelves below are wonderful, because they provide plenty of storage for bulkier fabric items like fleece and flannel.  On the working side of the desk, my shelves hold things like my Sizzix machine, my Xyron machine, plastic shoe boxes filled with sewing items, papercrafting items, and flowers galore.  I have a space for blank canvases, a basket for projects-in-progress, and a place for packing materials for when I send things out to customers or family and friends.

As you can see in the picture, my main workstation is just one small part of my studio – as I am very fortunate to have an entire room dedicated to crafting.  I can’t wait to share more with you on another day about how I organize my crafting supplies – and I even have a super easy and fun upcycling project to share with you soon!!


  1. @Jona – Hey, I give credit where credit is due – I got my inspiration from you, messy or not!! :) My photo happened to be taken shortly after the workstation was created – it does NOT normally look like this!! LOL!

    @Bonnie – I crafted that way for YEARS!! It wasn’t until we moved into this house 2.5 yrs ago that I finally got a whole room to dedicate to crafting – my dream come true!! ;)

    @Sarah – Thanks! I absolutely love it in there! It is my happy, creative place. ;p

  2. I am so impressed! Your craft studio is gorgeous!! I love your work table, so creative.

  3. Wish I had a space I could set up a craft center. My TV tray in front of the couch ( or where ever I have an empty seat) is just not cutting it

  4. Oh Jen, thanks for the mention (but yours looks so much tidier than mine)! That room is so bright and pretty I’ll bet it inspires you all day long! Just beautiful!

  5. Thanks, Jenny!! I use every inch of it, too!! All too often, it’s completely covered!!

  6. Jen- I LOVE your worktable! What a genius way to build a large and functional space. Brilliant!

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