Ornament Challenge 2011: Etched Glass Ornaments

I used the images contained in the kit for some and then I decided to use tape to create stripes for the others.  There is a photo at the bottom that shows the tape strips being applied.


1.  Etch ornaments according to manufacturer’s directions.  Clean thoroughly and dry.
2.  Paint several coats on backside of ornament.  Allow the ornament to dry between coats.
3.  Place pink pony beads inside of ornament.
4.  Cut a 6″ strip of tulle and tie in a knot on the top of the ornament.
5.  Cut a 6″ strip of ribbon and tie in a knot on the top of the ornament.
6.  Place poinsettia on bow.
A pictorial on how to etch the glass ornaments:
Rub-on completely transferred to ornament

Rub-on completely transferred to ornament

Apply Etching Creme to ornament

Apply Etching Creme to ornament then wash off and dry thoroughly

Detail of etched surface

Detail of etched surface

You can use tape or vinyl to create images

You can use tape or vinyl to create images

Paint back of ornament

You can also paint the back of the ornament

I hope with these instructions and the detailed pictures you can create some fabulous ornaments of your own.  Wishing you and your loved ones the best the holidays have to offer.


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  1. Sounds like a fun technique to try.

  2. Love the ornaments! Thank you.

  3. I just love what you created with this ornament. It prompted me to buy a couple dozen disk glass globes and some beads. What with my leftover sock yarn strings, glitter etc. I will have a field day in Jan. which is when I start my holiday gifts for the end of the year ahead.

    What sort of tape did you use to make the stripes???? It looks like that thn really sticky tape used for scrapbooks etc. But it would be hard to remove wouldn’t it??? thanks for your assistance on that.


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