Poison Apple Halloween Wreath

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Believe it or not Halloween is just around the corner. Personally I am not a huge fan of the “darker” side of Halloween. You won’t find any skeletons, tombstones, or zombies at my house this time of year. I prefer to keep things whimsical and fun. While thinking of ideas for a fabulous Halloween wreath, the thought of Disney Villains came to mind. After all, the queen from Snow White makes the top 10 movie villains of all time. So my Poison Apple Halloween Wreath was born.


I wanted to take one of the faux apples and make it look like the apple that was poisoned by the evil queen in Snow White. The first thing I did was paint an outline of the “face” onto the apple.

Once that was dry I filled in the apple with black paint, working around the outlined face. Before the paint could dry, I added some black glitter for a little shine and shimmer.

I painted the paper mache hand with the flesh colored paint. I wanted the faux hand to resemble the evil queen’s outstretched hand, offering the poison apple to Snow White.

After the paint and glitter was dry I hot glued the poison apple to the paper mache hand. Then I gathered up the rest of the apples and glued them to the black wreath along with the hand.

I staggered the apples throughout the wreath, nestling them into the black pine needles.

I was able to use the wire frame of the wreath to hold the hand and poison apple in place along with the hot glue.I think the Poison Apple Halloween Wreath has just the right amount of darkness and whimsy.What’s your Halloween decoration style?

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  1. now that is super cool!

  2. I LOVE this!! Something fun and different from the traditional wreath.


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