Puzzle Piece Reindeer Ornaments

Christmas is one of my favorite holidays for crafting with my kids.  I like projects that are cute, easy to make, and often involve supplies we have on hand already.  Most homes have long forgotten puzzles that can be used for this craft!  Here’s a fun way to turn your puzzle pieces into a cute reindeer ornament or necklace!

Supplies needed to make your own reindeer ornaments:

To make your own puzzle piece reindeer ornaments:

 Step 1:  Paint the puzzle sheets (you need brown and antique white pieces)

Step 2:  Glue three puzzle pieces together; one in the center for the face and two on the sides as antlers.

Step 3:  Apply Dimensional Magic to the puzzle pieces.  (I used the glitter formula on some of the antlers).

Step 4:  Glue on the pom pom nose and eyes.

Step 5:  Tie a bell on an antler.

Step 6:  Glue a ribbon to the back to make an ornament or necklace.

As an alternative, you could glue magnets to the back and use them to hold Christmas cards on your fridge.  They’d also make cute pins. too.  There are so many fun possibilities with this project!

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Morena Hockley is the crafty mind behind the tutorials at morenascorner.com. She loves to share ideas for projects that are fast, frugal, and fabulous: easy on time and money, and great to look at! Morena is a stay at home mom to four young children, and crafting is what helps her maintain her sanity. It’s a wonderful outlet and it’s how she gets her “me” time. In a past life, Morena was an elementary school teacher and an assistant principal. She misses teaching, so her blog is in a sense a virtual classroom. Make sure to swing by and check out Morena’s Corner!



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