Reusable Chalk Plant Markers

Reusable Chalk Plant Makers | Tried & True for Crafts UnleashedIt’s that time of year again to start thinking about your garden! There’s nothing better than browsing through a seed catalog over a hot cup of tea, right? This year, why not save money to buy more seeds by making your own plant markers? These are super easy, resilient and reusable year after year!

Supplies needed to make your own reusable chalk plant markers:


1. Print off the Reusable Chalk Plant Marker Free Printable. Place under a sheet of the shrink plastic and trace with black permanent marker.

Reusable Chalk Plant Makers | Tried & True for Crafts Unleashed2. Color in the label portion of the plant marker completely. Don’t worry if there are streaks, they’ll magically disappear once they shrink down.

Reusable Chalk Plant Makers | Tried & True for Crafts Unleashed3. Cut labels out of shrink plastic. You might want to cut inside the lines on the stake portion.

Reusable Chalk Plant Makers | Tried & True for Crafts Unleashed4. Follow the instructions to shrink the plastic down. I did mine in an oven set to 250 for about 5 minutes. I just love this stage, it’s like magic every time!

Reusable Chalk Plant Makers | Tried & True for Crafts Unleashed5. When you’re ready to use them, I suggest writing with a white chalk marker. If you allow it to dry for 24 hours, you’ll be able to water your plants without the name running, but will rub clean if you decide to reuse them. You can also use a white permanent marker but keep in mind, they won’t be reusable.

Reusable Chalk Plant Makers | Tried & True for Crafts UnleashedHappy gardening!

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  1. Chalk markers?! Good to know! Love the idea of chalkboard planters… greatness! Thanks for linking up to Monday Funday!

  2. Hopping over from I Heart Naptime’s Sunday Scoop. I love these plant markers! Perfect little gift to make for my husband, who is the gardener in our family. Thank you for the wonderful idea.

  3. Hi K – sorry about this, we are having a few IT issues and that product happens to be one of the affected items. It should be back to normal soon. Thanks for telling us!

  4. I am having a problem linking to the WHITE CHALK MARKER. I keep getting an Oops message. Just wanted to let you know.


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