Speckled Egg Wreath

Speckled Egg Wreath Tutorial | Tried & True for Crafts UnleashedWelcome the arrival of spring with a simple and sweet speckled egg wreath! I decided to make mine all blue but I also thought different pastel shades would have been pretty, too.  Would love to see the different varieties you all come up with!

Closeup of Speckled Egg WreathSupplies needed to make a speckled egg wreath:


1. The paper mache eggs have a hollow plastic form under the paper coating so you’ll have to heat a metal point until warm enough to puncture both sides. Repeat with all the eggs.

Speckled Egg Wreath: Paper Mache Egg2. Paint each egg with the desired base color. Enlist help if necessary! :)

Speckled Egg Wreath: Painting Paper Mache Egg3. Allow all the eggs to dry completely.

Speckled Egg Wreath: Painted Paper Mache Egg4. Assemble supplies necessary for splattering. Dip the toothbrush bristles in the paint and sweep your finger across them to create a speckled effect.

Some helpful hints: I found it easier to apply the paint when each egg was at the end of a wood skewer, a glove decreased the mess and an empty egg carton held the eggs while drying.

Speckled Egg Wreath: Painted Eggs Ready for Speckled Paint5. Allow the eggs to dry completely. Don’t worry if you mess up a couple while getting the hang of splattering, you can either paint over them or just omit them altogether (like I did with those bottom two!)

Speckled Egg Wreath: Splatter Paint6. Thread the wire through the eggs. Wire length will differ depending on if you’re more careful than I was at painting. My wire ended up being 45″ long but yours may be longer or shorter. Enlist the help of a superhero if necessary!

Speckled Egg Wreath: Kids Can Help with Eggs7. Wrap wire to secure the wreath form.

Speckled Egg Wreath: Secure Wire Frame8. Add a decorative ribbon of your choosing…

Completed Specked Egg Wreath9. Hang and enjoy! The perfect spring and Easter craft!

Speckled Egg Wreath for Spring

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