Christmas Star Canvas (And How to Paint Perfect Stripes!)

This is a quick holiday project, but more than that I wanted to share with you a technique on how to paint perfect stripes.

You do not need fancy expensive tape or tools.

I have used this process to paint walls in my home, and it is always fool-proof.

I will show you how with this star Christmas canvas.

Here are the supplies you will need to paint your own Christmas canvas (and get practice on painting those stripes!)

The first thing you will want to do is measure your stripes. I used an 11×14″ canvas, so I divided the canvas into even 2″ stripes on the 14″ side of the canvas.

Mark the canvas lightly with a pencil along one side of the canvas.

Repeat the markings on the opposite side.

Then, using a yardstick, connect the markings to make straight lines across the canvas.

After the lines are created, tape off your stripes. You will want to decide the color order you want, and mark them off accordingly.

Allow the tape to overhang the canvas, so that when you paint, you can continue the stripes down the sides of the canvas.

You will notice I am painting my red stripes first. The red stripes are taped out as the wider areas of the canvas.

Then you can paint the stripes!

Make sure you paint the sides of the canvas too.

You might want to add a couple of coats of paint to get the desired result.

Allow the paint to dry completely, and then remove the tape.

Remember when I told you that this post was going to teach you how to make perfect stripes?

Do you want a close-up of the stripes?

Awesome paint fail, right?

This is normal. It is the next step that is magic and will change your painting skills forever!

We are going to tape the canvas for the green stripes.

Place the tape slightly behind the “bleed” area–the jagged edge of the paint will show.

Then using a small paintbrush, using the original paint color (red) go back over the paint “bleed” area. Make sure you get the paint heavy along the tape edge, and even underneath it.

You will need to work from the canvas and push your brush in TOWARDS the tape, this will get the tape nice and painted.

Now your canvas looks pretty horrible, no?

Walk away from it. Let it dry completely.

Trust me.

When it is dry, it is time to add your second color of paint. Go right over the “bleed” area.

You will need to paint a thick layer of paint. Really be generous here.

When the new stripes are painted, while the paint is still wet, pull the tape up.

(Take care not to drag the tape across the canvas when you remove it.)

You will not believe this:

Isn’t it pretty? Crisp perfect lines!

You want another close-up?

Pretty cool, right?

I have used this same technique on the walls in my home, with the same perfect results. (And for the record, I have textured walls!)

Back to the canvas.

Paint your wooden star. Allow the star to dry completely.

Then position the star where you would like it to be.

Hold it in place, and flip the canvas over onto a flat surface.

Using a staple gun, staple the wooden star into place.

That’s it!

Enjoy your professional looking stripes!

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