Thanksgiving Placesetters

Place-setters are wonderful for large gatherings. They add a special flair to holiday tables and serve an paper_11important purpose; they allow you to strategically place guests around the dining table.

I designed these place-setters using Darice’s Handmade Paper. I love the rustic look of handmade paper and think it is just perfect to use for Thanksgiving. For an extra fun touch I used Martha Stewart Crafts Raindrop Edge Punch.

To begin with cut out the triangular prism pattern, pictured below. I found the pattern here, I printed it, and enlarged it by 140%.


Next, I cut the pattern out and fold the edges in. I then used Martha Stewart Crafts Raindrop Edge Punch to punch the rain drop pattern around the edges and the bottom.


I designed the nametag using my Cuttlebug and some of the assorted Darice Handmade Paper. I glued the nametag to the front of the place-setter.


Then I made a raffia bow using a Mini Bowdabra and Bowdabra Bow Wire.


I glued some little faux berries to the front of the bow to hide the Bowdabra Bow Wire. I then hot glued the bow to the front of the place-setter.  Lastly, I formed the triangular prism box by gluing the triangular sides to the front of the prism box.


You can leave the prism box just the way it is or you can add tissue paper and place little candies inside for your guests. Just by pinching in the triangular sides the box opens up enough to place candies or tissue paper inside.


I love how the place-setters turned out! Luckily, I know that my Thanksgiving guests will love them and probably never guess I made them so that Aunt Marge and Cousin Sue are at opposite ends of the table!

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  1. C L Bartlett says:

    LOve the placesetters and thank you for the step by step instructions. You really do a wonderful job explaining your crafts.

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