Trick or Treat Banner

This great banner for Halloween could easily be made for Christmas, Thanksgiving, birthdays, and more by easily switching out the lettering and colors.

Happy Halloween II.


Happy Halloween Supplies.

I used chipboard letters in gold but you cold easily use your Cricut to cut out the ‘Trick or Treat letters. Or you could also use a whole slew of other chipboard letters if you want to tweak the theme for other occasions.  Setting those aside I started on my banner.

The banner is composed of 11 large rosettes and 2 smaller rosettes.  I used Core’dinations paper for its thickness and for the color core that would show through on the folds.  To create a rosette cut a 1×12 inch strip of cardstock for the small version, and 2×12 inch strip for the larger version and attach a 1×6 inch strip to the end, overlapping by half an inch.

Accordian folds.

To create the rosettes accordion fold the strips every half inch, then adhere the ends together ending up with a pleated ring.  To get the rosette shape pinch the top in and spread the bottom of the ring out.  There will be a space in the center, but it will be covered with the doily later.  Use a 2.5 inch circle as a base and add dollops of strong glue, then press the rosette into a circle.  Adding a weight on top helps the rosette to set and keep its shape.

Top the larger rosettes with doilies, crumple each doilie and push it into the center of the rosette, smoothing the edges as you go.  This creates a more worn look to go with the Halloween theme.  Attach each doily with glue.

Use your Clever Lever punches to punch out circles to go on top of each doily. Sand the Core’dinations paper to bring the core color through.  Top each punched circle with your ‘Trick or Treat’ letters.  Attach each circle on top of a doily.

Happy Halloween I.

Finally use a hole punch to punch a hole in either side of each completed rosette.  Sting together and hang to enjoy this holiday season!

With permission to repost from Paula Gilarde on Core’dinations Blog.


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