Washi Tape & Baker’s Twine Christmas Tree Decorations

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This time of year it seems like money is just flying out the door. Which makes it the perfect time of year to save some money and create a crafted Christmas! Making your Christmas tree decorations not only adds a personalized touch but it’s easy on the pocket books, too!

christmas-tree-decorationsSupplies Needed to Make Your Own Washi Tape & Baker’s Twine Christmas Tree Decorations:

christmas-tree-decorationsI started by making the washi tape ornaments. I began at the top of the ornament and wound the washi tape around onto the other side. Then I cut off the tape and started another line of tape in another place.

christmas-tree-decorationsI kept wrapping the tape around until the entire ornament was covered. I played around with the tape, mixing and matching the different colors of washi tape.

christmas-tree-decorationsOnce I had a bunch of ornaments done, it was time to work on the washi tape & baker’s twine banner. First, I stretched out a length of the bakers twine. Then I folded a piece of washi tape over the baker’s twine.

christmas-tree-decorationsI cut the end of the washi tape into an inverted “v” to look more like a pennant banner. I used the different colors of tape to alternate down the twine.

christmas-tree-decorationsWhen I had enough ornaments and a long enough banner, it was time to apply the Christmas tree decorations!

christmas-tree-decorationsI used some of the baker’s twine to hang the ornaments on the tree.

christmas-tree-decorationsThese Christmas tree decorations can easily be customized to fit your holiday décor by changing up the colors you use!

christmas-tree-decorationsNot only will you have a fun and on trend tree, but you will also have a one of a kind tree that didn’t cost you a fortune! Enjoy your homemade Christmas tree decorations!

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  1. Del Marie Riley says:

    I love these. So cute and cheap. Will have to try this. Thanks for sharing.


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