DIY Gift Box Christmas Wreath

I’m a sucker for colorful and shiny home decorations during the holiday season. The more colors and glitter I can add to my door the better! That’s why the second I saw the foil gift boxes in all sorts of sizes and colors on, I knew I was going to turn them into a Christmas wreath. Hope you find the wreath as cheerful and welcoming as I do!

Gift-box-Christmas-wreath-Crafts-UnleashedNow, let’s get started making this fabulous Christmas wreath!

Supplies needed to make your own gift box Christmas wreath:

Step 1: Remove all the little gold threads attached to the foil gift boxes. This is a great step to enlist help from your eager little elves!

giftwreath01smStep 2: Use a glue gun to adhere the largest foil boxes in place on the wire wreath form.

giftwreath02smStep 3: You might have to re-enforce some of the boxes with a little extra glue on the back as well.

giftwreath03smStep 4: Continue adding the next size of foil boxes until all the open spaces are filled.

giftwreath04smStep 5: Make a large green bow either by hand or with the ever so handy, Bowdabra Bow Maker! Write a message on the gift tag and use hot glue to adhere the bow and tag to the top of the Christmas wreath.

If you’re not familiar with the Bowdabra, check out THIS POST for more info and for a great step by step video tutorial!

giftwreath05smNow, we have both bright and cheerful Christmas wreaths to greet all our holiday guests!

Gift-box-Christmas-wreath-Crafts-UnleashedHope you enjoy!

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  1. This is a great idea and so pretty too! I can hear the gift boxes scream Christmas!

  2. very cute! I just might give it a try!!

  3. Vanessa, this is sooooooo stunning! I love it!

  4. Patricia Routt says:

    I love it, colorful and festive and so easy. Thanks for sharing.

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