Holiday Decorations: DIY Gold Leaf Trees

Add some sparkle to your holiday decorations with these super simple DIY gold leaf trees.  Am I allowed to use simple and gold leaf in the same sentence?  When you see how I made these you will agree.

Gold-leaf-holiday-decorations-Crafts-UnleashedSupplies needed to make your own gold leaf tree holiday decorations:

I told you it was simple!

DIY Gold Leaf Trees -- a quick and easy tree to make for your holiday decor.Start by removing your leaves from the package and cutting the stems (as short as shown below) with scissors or wire cutters.

DIY Gold Leaf Trees -- a quick and easy tree to make for your holiday decor.Stick the stem of the leaf into the foam cone then fold the leaf down.  Start at the bottom and wrap your leaves around the bottom as shown.  Your goal is to have the entire bottom edge of the cone covered with gold and no white showing through.  Hot glue the bottom tips of the leaves.

DIY Gold Leaf Trees -- a quick and easy tree to make for your holiday decor.The picture below better illustrates how the wire end of the leaves are placed into the foam.  There is no hot glue there.  I found they were secure just by sticking them in.  If you wanted to add a drop of hot glue for added protection you could.  I continued with overlapping rows of leaves all the way up my cone.  Just do one row at a time and make sure no white foam shows through.

DIY Gold Leaf Trees -- a quick and easy tree to make for your holiday decor.Finally come to the top.  Add a drop of hot glue at the very top and carefully hold the top leaves together. This will ensure that you won’t have any white foam showing through.  I also had to hot glue the bottom of the leaves on the top two rows to get them to lay correctly.  Otherwise, the leaves are just sitting there suspended by the wire inserted into the foam.

DIY Gold Leaf Trees -- a quick and easy tree to make for your holiday decor.Enjoy the addition of your fun and festive DIY gold leaf trees to your holiday decorations this year.

DIY Gold Leaf Trees -- a quick and easy tree to make for your holiday decor.I think these trees look great with our glitter dipped deer figurine…don’t you?

Gold-leaf-holiday-decorations-Crafts-Unleashed-2Do you have your holiday decorations up yet?  Will gold be in your holiday decorations color scheme this season?  Be sure to make a set (or more) of these DIY gold leaf trees.

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  1. This looks awesome! Very festive. 😉

  2. So gorgeous. I had to pin this so I don’t forget. Now I’ll just need 40% off coupons to buy leaves and the cones. Pretty simple, like that you stuck the stems in cone to hold it in. Does make it simpler and quicker to get the leaves on. Can hardly wait to get the supplies so I can make these. Going to use hand made and $tree trees this year for a display on a table. We don’t put a tree up as our l/r is so small so use tables,other ways to decorate. Just the two of us so we enjoy what we do. Try to make it festive with lots of lights and handmade garlands. Happy Thanksgiving.

  3. Love these, Angie! Pinned :)

    <3 Christina @ I Gotta Create!
    Wildly Original link party every Wednesday

  4. Brilliant! And so elegant looking.

  5. So beautiful! I think I will try to make one for the holidays!

  6. Very pretty! I agree, they look great with the reindeer. Great idea!


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