Easy Knitting: Knifty Knitter Warm Winter Cowl

Trying to keep warm this winter, I decided to knit myself a cowl.  A cowl, which is technically just a knitted tube, some how becomes a perfectly draped, luxurious, knit piece when you put it on.  Another bonus of the cowl is it’s an easy knitting project, especially for beginner yarn and needle crafters like me.

This was actually my second or third attempt at knitting crafts, so I called on the great tool that is the Knifty Knitter!  This rectangle shaped tool comes with everything you need to get started knitting, the loom, the hook, and instructions.  It makes things like counting and dropping stitches, a thing of the past! Knitting on this tool couldn’t be simpler.  The Knitter comes with full, step by step, instructions so I won’t repeat them here.  Lets get started!

Caron Natura Lace Yarn 1lb
-Knifty Knitter

All my supplies with a little bit of work put in on the Knitter.I decided to go with a neutral color for maximum matching ability, and decided that I wanted a full and thick knit when all’s said and done.  To get a fuller knit you simply double wrap the Knifty Knitter.  If you look closely in the picture below you can see that each prong has two strands wrapped around the top and bottom-making for a thicker outcome.

Upclose of the double knit action.I made mine the entire length of the Knitter, which is about a foot long.  This way my cowl will be long enough to fold multiple different ways when finished.  As you continue knitting you will see your progress start to flow out of the bottom of the loom, making it easy to see your achievements so far.

Progress!Continue knitting until you reach a preferred length.  I wanted my cowl to be a bit loose, for easy sliding on over the head, so I decided on a length of a little over 2 feet.  You may want to tweak the length based on your wearer.  When you have the desired length, finish and cast off. (Again full and clear directions come with the knitter.)

Use the large needle, that comes with the loom, and a long piece of matching yarn to stitch the two ends together.  Try to stitch as close to the ends as possible to make the seam smaller.  I stitched back a forth the length of the cowl, a few times to ensure maximum hold and strength.  Make sure not to pull too tight to create a noticeable strain in the knit.

StitchingWhen you’ve finished stitching, knot off the thread, and turn inside out, so the seam is facing inward.  Now wear and enjoy! Or give to a friend to enjoy, lots of my girlfriends have asked for a cowl after seeing mine.  These easy knitting crafts make such great gifts!

Finished Product-Looks great without a coat.Looks great without a coat, as an accessory, OR with a coat, doing its duty to keep you warm!  Personalize it by making it in your favorite color, or add a button rather then sew it together.  This yarn crafts project is totally customizable!

The Knifty Knitter makes this project easy and quick, you’ll look like a pro knitter in no time! Now get knitting!


  1. Kelly says

    Say your making your scarf and your run out of yarn? I need to add more yarn. Do I add more to the yarn that is still on the loom? What do I do please help,can’t finish my scarf! Thanks in advance!!!!

  2. Logan Clark says

    Taylor I think it depends on the yarn you use. I was using some fluffier stuff and it’s not as loose but if I just use regular yarn and keep it wound tight, it stays fairly tight.

  3. Logan Clark says

    I’m having so much trouble making it come out tight. I’ll do quite a few rows and check it but it’s still loose. I’ve tried using a stylus to make it tighter. I’m at a loss. Any suggestions?

      • Jess says

        unless you use a really thick yarn, you might have to double up on it. I.e. use two strands at the same time, instead of just one (this is just an assumption as I’ve never used thin/regular yarn on a loom before, only thick).

    • Penny says

      have you tried 2 strands of yarn instead of 1. I find that if I want more delicate I use 1 strand. More sturdy I use 2 strands. I have trouble taking off of loom at end of project. Which exit stitch is the best to use.

  4. Deb says

    i have a loom but it’s not the knifty knitter . . . is there some place i can purchase the pattern for this to knit on my look?

  5. Patience says

    So for this scarf does she use one string and wrap it around multiple times or does she use two things of yarn to get the double effect?

    • Nathan says

      She most likely used one end of the yarn ball and the other end to make it seem like she had two strings since she said she used one ball of 1 pound of yarn. Anything less than that she would need more than one ball of yarn. 1 pound is plenty. Most people use two balls of the same color or different colors at the same time. Because you need a row at the bottom and and top. Both rows have two strands of string that work as one to make it thicker. You can see from the picture there are two at the top and bottom. I had to think about it myself, but then it hit me. You may have figured it out by now. It’s a year later..ha-ha

  6. Amy Hendershot says

    Love this! I have the knifty knitters–including the long one you used–and have been doing up simple scarves forever, so your post is great that I can turn them into cowls so easily. Can you tell me how much yarn you used, especially since you double wrapped? I see the lb there but with 2 ft by the length of that long loom, I want to be sure to have enough yarn!


    • says

      Hi Amy! You should be safe with a 1 lb skein of yarn for this project. The link to the yarn is now working so you can take a look at the yarn that was used.

  7. Kelsey says

    Thanks Jenny! I ended up buying one and making my first cowl in about 3 hours and then got about halfway through another that night. Not bad. I couldn’t find the knifty knitter, but found a different brand. Same concept I’m sure. I think I’m addicted… It’s very relaxing!

  8. Kelsey says

    I know this is a long time after your post – but how long did it take to make this, as a beginner? If you remember! This is exactly what I’m looking to make for Christmas presents, but don’t want to invest in the materials or the idea if I won’t have the time.


    • says

      Kelsey- sadly, the gal who whipped this up for us has left our team and we don’t know how to contact her. However, I remember she mentioned that it was her “weekend project”- but I’m not sure how long in hours. I can tell you the Santa hats I’ve made with the knifty knitter take about 2 hours. The KK is so fun and easy to use, you’ll crank it out in no time!

  9. says

    Amazing post Alyssa!! The photography is equally as beautiful as the cowl! You have inspired me to want to try this new product. As soon as it is available I will be sure to pass the link onto my readers!


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