Make Your Own Advent Calendar

How about making your own Advent Calendar this year instead of buying one of those store-bought varieties? Super easy to make and customize to fit your decor! The little tubes are large enough to hold a small candy and/or a rolled up piece of paper with either a scripture reading or seasonal activity prompt. The best thing about making your own Advent Calendar is that you’ll be able to fill and reuse year after year!

Advent Calendar - A Tried & True Project for Crafts UnleashedSupplies needed to make your own Advent Calendar:

Step 1. Use the Quilling Tool or another sharp object to punch holes in the center of all the lids.

Advent Calendar - Punch HolesStep 2. Paint the lids. I went with turquoise but you can use any color! How pretty would this look with glitter on the lids?!

Advent Calendar - Paint topsStep 3. Use the paint pen to draw the letters on the side of the paper mache boxes. You’ll have to go over the paper mache a few times to get full coverage. Optional: use the red paint to draw “candy cane stripes” across the numbers.

Advent Calendar - Paint numbersStep 4. Use a needle to thread the baker’s twine through each of the lids, securing with a knot at the base before continuing on to the next lid. You might want to measure and mark the distance you want between each lid if you want to make these perfect. I just sorta kinda winged it and it came out just fine!

Advent Calendar - String boxesStep 5. Fill each container with either a small candy or toy. As I mentioned above, you could also include a rolled up piece of paper with either a scripture reading or a fun Christmas activity you all can do as a family. Advent Calendar - Fill with goodies!I hope you enjoy making your own Advent Calendar and that it brings your family happiness for many years to come!

Advent Calendar - All in a row

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  1. Rosie Nana says:

    This is a wonderful idea and it will do just as good with old medicine bottles! Between my husband and I we throw away about a dozen a month and I know there are better things to do with them! Thank you, thank you, thank you!

  2. I linked to your great tutorial on my blog – thanks for sharing!

    ♥, doro von Hand zu Hand

  3. Vanessa, this is really a creative idea to make such advent calendar. I liked this and of course, I will try this.

  4. So cute!!


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