Valentine’s Love Notes & Heart-Shaped Gift Boxes

When I was a kid, my parents gave me (and my siblings) Valentine’s. It was usually just a small gift, a token of their love. Isn’t that sweet? Despite the negative rap this holiday gets, I still think it is a great time to share little mementos of affection. With that in mind, I came up with this inexpensive, little Valentine’s love notes and gift box idea. It’s a simple and cute gift that’s sure to sweep your loved one off their feet! Let’s get started!

Valentines-love-notes-Crafts-UnleashedSupplies needed to make your own love notes gift box:supply2

Valentine's Day Gift Boxes01Step 1: Use a foam brush and acrylic paint to paint the paper mache heart boxes that will store your love notes. I chose Muslin for the larger box and Amish Grey for the smaller box. (FYI, Muslin is a cream color with a pink tint. It is very light and took me two thick coats to get some coverage. In hindsight, I probably needed three coats.) I didn’t paint the inside of the boxes but it wouldn’t take long to do so, if you wanted. The painting process is very quick!

Valentine's Day Gift Boxes step1Step 2: While the paint is drying, use the heart punch to cut out several hearts and write some love notes. Isn’t my featured note, “Thank you for always emptying the dishwasher!” the most romantic thing you’ve ever read? 😉

Valentine's Day Gift Boxes step2Step 3: Make sure the paint is dry and start decorating the boxes. Take the smallest heart lid and trace around it on the gold vinyl.

Step 4: Cut out the traced heart but cut inside the trace, so you actually get a smaller heart.

Valentine's Day Gift Boxes steps3&4Step 5: Adhere the gold vinyl heart to the top of the small lid.

Valentine's Day Gift Boxes step5Step 6: To decorate the large lid, I used some of my favorite washi tapes. I thought about covering the entire lid in washi tape and decided against it. But now I am thinking I might have to go back and add more tape. I just love washi tape!

Valentine's Day Gift Boxes step6Now it’s time to fill the boxes with goodies and love notes. I used a paper doily to dress up the inside of the boxes, but tissue paper would be fine, too. The heart love notes fit perfectly inside the small box. At this point, I might have squealed out loud at the cuteness happening.

Valentine's Day Gift Boxes08

Valentine's Day Gift Boxes09The large box would easily fit a small gift but I chose to fill it with some of my favorite candies. (Note: this is supposed to be a gift but you notice how I bought my favorite candies? And I definitely had to do some quality assurance testing, right? Right.)

Valentine's Day Gift Boxes13Valentine’s Day is a fun day for small gifts like these. And it’s a great excuse to craft!

Valentine's Day Gift Boxes17Can you think of little gifts that could go in the larger box? Maybe a handmade gift?


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