Geometric Embroidery Turkey Art Tutorial


One of the (many) reasons why I love embroidery is because every stitching project begins with just a few simple things: needle, thread and fabric.  And yet, from those meager supplies an endless number of projects can be made.  And I love that–creating something totally new from the simplest supplies. That is how I feel about this little embroidery turkey art project.  Like many of you, I am in a fall frame of mind and I am busy decorating my home {Read More}

Printed Burlap Art Autumn Decoration


There are few things that scream “Autumn” quite so much as burlap! I’m here to show you a quick way to make your own printed burlap art Autumn decoration. I used one of my favorite quotes from Anne of Green Gables but you can always use this technique to print anything you want on burlap. We’d love to see what you come up with on the Consumer Crafts Facebook page! Supplies needed to make your own printed burlap autumn decoration: {Read More}

A DIY Teacher Gift Idea: The Sharpie Mug


Staff rooms often carry a mish-mash of mugs. And staff rooms in schools are no different. We know that teachers love a good cup of joe. Why not give them a mug that can’t possibly be mistaken for another’s mug? A mug that has been personalized especially for that wonderful teacher. A Sharpie mug! One of the reasons that I love this project so much is because of its main crafting implement: Sharpies. Doesn’t your crafty soul get excited at the sight {Read More}

How to Gild Canvas

How to gild canvas - Crafts Unleashed

Do you remember this photo from my leather and barbell bracelet tutorial?  Notice that cool, shiny base the bracelet is sitting on?  Is that just paint?  Well, not so much.  Metallic paint can NOT hold a candle to the real thing.  That super shimmery finish comes from none other than GOLD.  Real gold.  Slivered off into the tiniest sheets of paper that are so light and fine, they feel like angel’s breath. That finish is created with sheets of gold {Read More}

Storytelling Through Crafting: A Mixed Media Shadow Box

Mixed Media Shadow Box - Crafts Unleashed

I think crafting is like storytelling. When we make a gift for someone, we’re telling them that we care. Things we make for ourselves tell about our style and interests. Sometimes, crafts tell the story of what we love or have loved. That’s what this shadow box does. I’ve always been a fan of shadow boxes. It’s a great way to collect and display special mementos that won’t fit in a scrapbook or album. Last year, I shared tips on {Read More}

DIY Canvas Art: Charcoal Silhouettes

DIY Canvas Art Silhouettes

With silhouettes all the rage and chalkboards even hotter, I wanted to jump on the trend, but with my own little DIY canvas art spin.  I decided to experiment with charcoal on canvas, creating  the same textured black as a well-used chalkboard. I have a basement stairway with a very tall, narrow ceiling that is perfect for a gallery space.  I’ve slowly been adding my work along with the kids work to this space, and these DIY canvas art charcoal {Read More}

Craft a Cafe Sign from Paper Mache Letters

Shrimp Salad Circus Cafe Sign 078 copy

Hello, and happy Monday, friends! Today I’m going to show you a fun way to customize some incredibly versatile paper mache letters to create unique signage for a coffee nook. I’m all about a good theme, and I’m also on a big coffee/tea kick right now. With that in mind, this paper mache craft would be a wonderful accompaniment to this, this, or this. What you need to create these paper mache letters: Paper Mache Letters Black Acrylic Paint Foam {Read More}