Weather Resistant Garden Calendar

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Though the snow is coming down in great, big, white, fluffy flakes, my mind is already on the garden.  I know spring will come sooner than expected and any gardener knows that spring is the busy season!  With garden planning on my mind, I decided to come up with a better version of my planting calendar that I’ve been using for the past few years.  I typically just use one of those free calendars that come in the mail and {Read More}

Last-Minute Advent Christmas Countdown for the Kids

Last minute advent calendar

Sometimes the holidays sneak up on me and I haven’t quite prepared as well as I would have liked to.  I would love to create an advent calendar that we could use year after year with hand sewn detailing and beautiful hand drawn tags for each day.  I just don’t have the patience this time of year though.  (Perhaps I should make an advent calendar in February??)  In any case, I came up with a system that is cute, functional {Read More}

Gratitude Chalkboard Calendar


With Halloween less than a week away, many of you are already moving onto crafting for Thanksgiving. (Not me, of course, I’m still working hard on costumes!) Here’s a fun project that can be used, not only as decor, but also as a great way to open up a dialogue on gratitude with your kids and family. I ended up liking my Gratitude Calendar so much that I think I’ll keep it up year-round! Supplies needed to create your own {Read More}