Easy Geometric DIY Magnets For Kids

Easy geometric DIY magnets

Join me today as I take you through the simple steps to create your own DIY magnets! I’ve always been intrigued by geometric shapes. I’ve been seeing trendy new geometric magnets in brilliant colors popping up from independent sellers to large retailers and everywhere in between.  I hate paying for a product when we can craft them easily ourselves, so I knew we had to create our own when I stumbled upon coasters in these fabulous bright greens and blue! {Read More}

Snowman Craft Kits for Kids

Marshmallow snowman craft

I’ve been waiting for MONTHS to share this snowman kit with you, but alas, snow has simply not come.  We had one tiny sprinkling of snow, but never enough to build snowmen.  You see, this little kit has just been waiting for us to take it outside and build a whole little village of mini-snowmen.  The kids helped me assemble it piece by piece, everyone excitedly watched out the window for days, hoping for a few flakes.  Nada.  No snow. {Read More}

Winter Fairy Scavenger Hunt for Kids!

Scavenger hunt for kids

In our neck of the woods, winter is creeping in fast, and we only have a few days here and there that are warm and sunny. This past week, I wanted to take advantage of one of those pleasant early winter days to plan a winter fairy hunt for the kids. My children are really, really into scavenger hunts and anything where they are searching for clues and prizes, so when I saw the fairy door charms in the ConsumerCrafts {Read More}

Kids Football Frame

Create a child's football frame

Create a fun, decorative sport frame using your boy’s favorite football team.