Halloween Crafts for Kids: Craft Stick Spiderwebs


Are you getting your Halloween decor out yet?  The weather has just turned in my neck of the woods, and we’re just starting to think about Halloween crafts!  These spiderweb Halloween crafts for kids are super fun. The kids will love helping to create these webs using craft sticks and yarn.  You can hang them up or place them in vignettes for easy decor. Supplies needed to make your own spiderweb Halloween crafts for kids: 4.5 inch Wood Craft Sticks Silver Paint and {Read More}

Rudolph Nose Replacement Kit Stocking Stuffers

Rudolph nose stocking stuffer

Stocking stuffers – kids love them, especially when candy is involved.  As a child, I used to get LifeSavers and Malted Milk Balls in mine.  I like to make gag gifts for my son and he likes to give them to his friends, too.  We had a few left over tubes from our Halloween slime project so we decided to make replacement kits for Rudolph’s nose.  Sour cherry balls fit perfectly in the tubes.  My son did most of this {Read More}

Snow Day Project – Foamies Snowflakes

Foamies Snowflake 1

Anyone who has children knows that while the words “SNOW DAY” bring shouts of excitement from the mouths of any young children in the household, those same words may NOT bring the same level of excitement for the parents of those same small children!  For that matter, “sick day,” “holiday,” or “parent-teacher conferences” may also have the same effect.  The kids are home, mom and/or dad are off work and have things to do, and in spite of the dozens {Read More}