DIY Perler Beads Valentine’s Day Tray

Valentine's Day Perler Tray - Crafts Unleashed

I’m absolutely crazy about Valentine’s Day. The colors, the candy, the CRAFTS! What’s not to love about this holiday? Thought I would have some Valentine’s Day fun with my son’s latest craft obsession, Perler Beads. I created a vintage rose template and love the way it turned out.  I hadn’t used them in years and I totally forgot how slow going they can be but once you get in the groove of things, positioning hundreds of tiny beads can be {Read More}

Easy Chalkboard Birthday Calendar {With Free Printable!}


Looking to organize your life a bit more this New Year? Make an easy reusable chalkboard birthday calendar to help keep track of loved one’s birthdays! Chalkboard art can be kind of intimidating sometimes. But don’t worry, this tutorial will show a you a super quick and easy way to recreate the beauty of chalk without the hassle! Supplies needed to make your own chalkboard birthday calendar:  7″x10″ Chalkboard White Paint Marker White Graphite Paper Fine Sandpaper Ribbon (optional) Craft {Read More}

Chevron Glitter DIY iPhone Case


I love changing out my phone case.  I use my phone so much that it’s also become a fashion accessory.  For today’s tutorial, I will show you how to make a chevron glitter DIY iPhone case with a plain plastic case.  If you’re like me, you may have a couple of spare cases lying around, and if not, they are super cheap on Amazon and ebay nowadays!   Don’t care for the chevron pattern? No problem! Just choose another pattern {Read More}

Back To School Teacher’s Gift With Free Printable


My son starts preschool this month and I thought it’d be nice to make a back to school teacher’s gift.  I wanted to give his new teacher a little token of my appreciation for handling my totally sweet, but sometimes insane four year old! I considered giving her a jar of candy but then decided to err on the side of practicality with a bottle of hand sanitizer. Sweets may be more fun but come cold season, that teacher is {Read More}

DIY Spice Jars with Free Printable Labels

DIY Spice Rack

We usually buy spices in bulk, so our pantry is full of little ziplock baggies of spices. It gets pretty frustrating trying to find spices when they’re stored this way, so I thought it was time to change that. So I drew up some labels and made a spice rack. Now the pantry looks so much better, and I don’t get as frustrated when I cook! Supplies needed to make your own DIY spice rack: Glass Cruet Jars with Screw {Read More}

New Year’s Resolution Bracelets

New Year's Resolution Bracelet by Tried & True for Crafts Unleashed

We all have the best intentions when it comes to New Year’s resolutions but you know how it goes…after a couple weeks, when your busy life returns to normal, resolutions often get stored away with the memories of tinsel and champagne. Here’s a fun tutorial on making a resolution reminder bracelet so that this year you can lose those last 10 pounds, find your faith or reconnect with family. Or if nothing else, at least look stylish while doing it. {Read More}

Free To Do List Magnet Template


I love “to do” lists. I love laying out my plan for the day and checking boxes. But I get a little annoyed at writing the same things on my to do list all the time– there are lots of repetitive tasks that I need to be reminded of. I decided there had to be a better way to remind myself of the mundane items without making almost the same list over and over. Here’s my solution, and I’m kinda {Read More}

Last Minute Stocking Stuffer: Design-A-Robot Tin

Design-A-Robot Stocking Stuffer

Need a last minute stocking stuffer?! Crafts Unleashed is here to save the day! Just cut out the free printable on printable magnet paper and insert into a decorated tin box. Done and done! A Silhouette Cameo makes this super easy but I kept the robot shapes simple so you could also do this by hand. Materials for Design-A-Robot Stocking Stuffer: Magnet Paper Tin Box Hobby Knife or Silhouette Cameo Design-A-Robot Free Printable (PDF / SVG / STUDIO) Instructions: 1. {Read More}

Last-Minute Advent Christmas Countdown for the Kids

Last minute advent calendar

Sometimes the holidays sneak up on me and I haven’t quite prepared as well as I would have liked to.  I would love to create an advent calendar that we could use year after year with hand sewn detailing and beautiful hand drawn tags for each day.  I just don’t have the patience this time of year though.  (Perhaps I should make an advent calendar in February??)  In any case, I came up with a system that is cute, functional {Read More}