Polka Dot Glitter DIY Candles


I was fascinated with glitter growing up. I remember glittering anything and everything I could. I’m sure it drove my mother crazy seeing glitter all over the place but I couldn’t help it. Even now I still find myself enjoying glitter projects. Now that my children enjoy playing with glitter, I can somewhat relate to my mother’s feelings towards it. While making these polka dot glitter DIY candles, I let the kids glitter shapes onto pieces of paper while I {Read More}

30 Second Glitter Tea Lights


Are you planning a wedding this year?  Or perhaps a big party?  Make these 30 second glitter tea lights in a jiffy.  Plus, they will look gorgeous on your reception or party tables.  These are so quick and easy that I decided to make a video tutorial just so you could see the process in action. You only need two supplies to make these glitter tea lights: Clear Cup Tea Lights Sparkle Glitter Tape Step 1: Choose the Sparkle Tape color {Read More}

Holiday Crafts: DIY Glittery Moose Brooch


I hope faux taxidermy stays in fashion forever. I love it almost any way it comes – felt, paper, paper mache, cardboard, plushies… After my faux taxidermy ornaments last year, I’ve been wanting to make more mini taxidermy projects. In comes the idea to make a holiday crafts brooch (complete with glitter). Let’s get started! Supplies needed to make your own faux taxidermy brooch holiday crafts: Silhouette Cameo (and accessories) Moose Silhouette File Cardstock Glitter Pin Back Mod Podge Foam {Read More}

Simple Striped Glitter Clear Glass Ornaments


Ready for a 5 minute Christmas craft that costs about $5 to make?  I’ve got you covered! These adorable little glitter striped cube clear glass ornaments are SUPER simple to make and can be a fun craft for adults and older children alike!  Join me as I walk you through the simple how-to! Supplies needed to make your own glittered clear glass ornaments: Clear Glass Ornaments (I used these Cube Ornaments, but they are currently out of stock for the season.) 1/4 inch {Read More}

Deer Decor: Glitter Dipped Silhouette Tutorial


There are times in life when you just need a little glitter.  These deer silhouette wood shapes were just dying for a little sparkle. Paint and dipped glitter completely transformed the unfinished wood figurines into something fabulous! Create multiple deer silhouettes with different shades of glitter, customized for each season, so you can have a little deer decor in your home all year long.  I love a deer silhouette…don’t y’all? Supplies needed to make your own glitter dipped deer decor: {Read More}

Chevron Glitter DIY iPhone Case


I love changing out my phone case.  I use my phone so much that it’s also become a fashion accessory.  For today’s tutorial, I will show you how to make a chevron glitter DIY iPhone case with a plain plastic case.  If you’re like me, you may have a couple of spare cases lying around, and if not, they are super cheap on Amazon and ebay nowadays!   Don’t care for the chevron pattern? No problem! Just choose another pattern {Read More}

Glittered Paper Mache Pumpkin

glittered pumpkin

Every year towards the end of August I start getting really excited about fall and Halloween. I’ve been holding off putting my decor up but this past weekend I started looking through my boxes and I think it’s time to change things up a bit. Does your style preference change over the years? I seem to have a new preference every year or two. But one things for sure, I will always love glitter! With that in mind I recently {Read More}

Easy Striped Glitter Vase


My mom likes to give me glass cups.  I don’t know where she gets them from, but I know her garage has tons of glass vases and cups.  I usually use them for drinking, but you only need so many. I decided to upcycle some of these cups to make a striped glitter vase for a tea light or small floral arrangement. Supplies: Glitter Double Sided Tape Glass Cup or Plain Glass Votive Holder Its so easy to transform this {Read More}

Differentiate Your Keys With This Quick & Easy Glitter Technique


I have a lot of keys on my key chain, so differentiating them all sometimes can be difficult.  This a quick and easy way I found to not only be able to differentiate your keys but also add a little pizzazz.     Materials: Glitter Clear Nail Polish Keys Place glitter into a plastic bag so it will be easier to dip (Optional if your container is large enough to dip the key in).  Paint one coat of clear nail polish {Read More}