How to Wrap a Wine Bottle For Holiday Gifting


At Christmastime, there are often friends or neighbours whom you want to give a little something, but you just aren’t sure what. Well, if you know that they enjoy a nice wine with dinner, then your problem is solved! Consumables are fantastic Christmas gifts (no clutter, no worries about style or size) and sometimes, you can enjoy that nice Pinot Grigio or Merlot with them! (That’s always a bonus.) I love to give a nice bottle of local wine, and {Read More}

How-to: Hand Stitched Felt Gift Bow

Hand stitched felt gift bow

In my opinion, some of the best holiday gifts are the simplest–a gift card, a candle, a bottle of wine.  And, although I love giving these gifts I can’t help but feel that I’d have liked the gift to be a little bit more personalized, a little bit more handmade.  This beautiful hand stitched felt gift bow is an easy (and inexpensive) way to add a little homemade love to a simple gift. This bow is very easy to make, {Read More}

Gift Packing Ideas: Five Ways to Package Edible Gifts


It is that time of year again!  Gift giving season is upon us.  We have 5 gift packing ideas on how to package edible gifts for you today.  A few supplies will have you packaging up small or large amounts of delicious treats for  neighbors, friends, and more. 5 Gift Packing Ideas for Edible Treats: Gift packing ideas #1: Mason Jars. First we have a pretty mason jar holding a few cookies or maybe even your homemade fudge.  For this one you {Read More}

5 Vintage-Inspired Gift Wrapping Ideas


One of the best things about the winter holiday season is the amount of presents to wrap. I wish I could wrap this many presents all year! Each gift wrap is an opportunity to create mini art. This year, I came up with five easy, vintage-inspired Christmas gift wrapping ideas. Vintage gift wrapping ideas #1: Stenciled kraft wrapping paper. This one is easy! Just randomly paint stenciled numbers on long piece of kraft paper and finish by wrapping lots of red {Read More}

DIY Reindeer Food Burlap Sacks


Hi Friends! One of the traditions I have been doing with my boys is making reindeer food for Santa’s reindeer to enjoy on Christmas Eve. We sprinkle a little on the ground on Christmas Eve and leave out milk and cookies for Santa.  They love it and even help in the making of the reindeer food.  I was looking on Pinterest and I saw the cutest reindeer washcloth.  She had made a reindeer out of soap and washcloths. You can view her {Read More}

Orange Gingerbread Sugar Scrub Recipe


Sugar scrub cubes are the perfect, one-time-use scrub that makes exfoliating your hands, feet or even your body a breeze!  These also make the perfect inexpensive, yet impressive gift!  Place a few of these in a cute little jar and you have a wonderful holiday gift to give this year!  Or you can make them and “gift” them to yourself because after you make and try these, you might not want to give them away!  Either way, this orange gingerbread {Read More}

DIY NOEL Letter Decor


This year my Christmas decor is a winter wonderland inspired theme. Living in central California means we can only wish for a white Christmas, which unfortunately never happens. But, I’m perfectly fine with decorating my home with a snowy white theme instead. This holiday season I used 90% white decorations with a hint of frosted green accents. While putting together a cabinet display I knew I wanted to add holiday letters to the setup. These faux fur paper mache DIY {Read More}

Homemade Clay Ornaments: Easy, Quick & Embossed


For the last few years, I’ve lived in a small apartment that doesn’t have much room for a Christmas tree. Does this deter me from making ornaments every year? Definitely not. Making ornaments is one of my favorite Christmas traditions! Today I have a great homemade clay ornaments project that is easy enough for kids but can also be customized for experienced artists. The main part of this tutorial is creating these embossed ornaments. But as you see below, you can {Read More}

20 DIY Christmas Decorations To Make


When it comes to making your home festive for the holidays, nothing is better than DIY Christmas decorations. By making your own holiday decor, you can save money, customize your decorations to your style and brag about your craftiness all season long! We have gathered 20 of our absolute favorite DIY Christmas decorations to share with you this year. If you find a project that you would like to try, simply click on the link above the image, or on the photo {Read More}