DIY Magnetic Fishing Game For Kids


I like to carry things in my purse to keep kids entertained when we are stuck somewhere boring. (Tire shop, anyone?) This magnetic fishing game is perfect! Everything stays contained in this cute metal tin- and the game appeals to both boys and girls. We like to mix the magnetic fishing game up- sometimes I use a stopwatch and time them “fishing.” Other times I have used it for incentive- by adding sticker numbers to the bottoms of the fish, and {Read More}

Make Your Own DIY Temporary Tattoos


Valentine’s day is coming up {very} soon and today I have a fun little gift you could make for your sweetheart or some fun DIY temporary tattoos you could make for your kids anytime of year!  Today, we are going to mainly look at kid designs, but you could certainly personalize the design to be anything you choose.  That IS why we DIY, right??  Custom is queen! Supplies needed to make your own temporary tattoos: Silhouette DIY Tattoo Paper (You {Read More}

Princess and Knight Lollipop Valentines


Valentine’s Day is such a fun one for the kidlets. I remember being BEYOND excited to dump out my envelope of goodies. I couldn’t wait to see what my classmates had “mailed” to me. And can you imagine how you would have felt if a lollipop dressed up like a princess or a knight was waiting for you in your Valentine’s pocket? Oh yeah. It would be that awesome. And what better way to prolong the Valentine’s excitement than to {Read More}

Family Craft Idea: Love Tokens & Hug Tins


This was such an easy project, but one that is working out really well for our household. The idea is simple. Give more love and attention. The problem with the life of moms is that love is abundant, but attention is often hard to garner. This simple little craft helps moms and kids tap into each other’s needs for attention and gives kids a way to “act out” instead of misbehaving to get what they need. The first time I {Read More}

Giant DIY Pom Pom Pal For Kids

Make a giant pom pom pal

Have you seen these giant poms poms yet? They are awesome! You can make some adorable and super fun projects with them. My 6 year old daughter LOVES them, they’re soft and fluffy and a great creativity starter. Today I’ll show you how to make a cute pom pom pal with one of these giant pom poms. This one is a little girly, but you can make fun boy characters too… get creative and see what fun you and your {Read More}

DIY Cornhole Halloween Game For Kids


How absolutely adorable is this miniature cornhole board from ConsumerCrafts?! I kinda want to buy a half dozen of these to decorate and leave on my table for each holiday. A Valentine’s Day one with hearts, St. Patrick’s Day with shamrocks, National Cinnamon Roll Day with cinnamon rolls (obviously!). Wait. You all don’t celebrate National Cinnamon Roll Day? Well you should! Anyway, here’s a super easy way to decorate a tabletop cornhole board for a fun Halloween game! Depending on {Read More}

Mini DIY Kids Travel Playset


Going out to eat with the kids can be quite the daunting adventure. Sure, the restaurant may have one of those kid’s menu/coloring pages but that will entertain them for all of, what? Five minutes? Here’s another attention-grabbing DIY kids activity you can add to your arsenal. They’ll be happy playing in their own little world and you’ll be happy that you get to eat an entire meal in one sitting! Supplies needed to make your own DIY kids travel {Read More}

DIY Pipe Cleaner Rose Hair Ties

DIY Pipe Cleaner Rose Hair Ties 2- Crafts Unleashed

My niece made me a rose pipe cleaner ring for Mother’s Day and I thought it was such a cute craft, I had to make some for myself.  Instead of making it into a ring, I decided to wrap the roses around hair ties to create adorable hair accessories!  These would make the cutest favors for a birthday party, or you could even tie them around the top of a gift bag to add a little something extra. Supplies needed {Read More}

Plastic Canvas Challenge: DIY Party Favor Boxes

DIY Party Favor Boxes - Crafts Unleashed

Have you all enjoyed the Plastic Canvas Challenge here at Crafts Unleashed this month?  All the designers have had a great time working in the same craft medium!  Today, I’ll show you how to make some great DIY party favor boxes made from plastic canvas for your child’s birthday party.  I could also see these lined up in their room for some art supply organization.  Grab your plastic canvas and lets get started! Supplies needed to make your own plastic {Read More}