Spooky Monster Hand Candy Bowl

Spooky bowl hand

Halloween has always been one of my favorite holidays.  What’s not to love about putting on silly costumes and having fun getting scared?  When I pass out candy at Halloween, I like to give a little trick with the treat.  This spooky hand popping out of a candy bowl would be a fun way to send a shiver down someone’s spine! Supplies: Clear, Deep 4 Quart Bowl – 11 inches Silver Spray Paint Black Acrylic Paint Plastic Spiders Paper Mache {Read More}

Glittered Paper Mache Pumpkin

glittered pumpkin

Every year towards the end of August I start getting really excited about fall and Halloween. I’ve been holding off putting my decor up but this past weekend I started looking through my boxes and I think it’s time to change things up a bit. Does your style preference change over the years? I seem to have a new preference every year or two. But one things for sure, I will always love glitter! With that in mind I recently {Read More}

Create A Cinco De Mayo Flower Pot

Cinco de Mayo Flower Pot

Create a Cinco de Mayo flower pot that can double as a candy dish.

Kids Football Frame

Create a child's football frame

Create a fun, decorative sport frame using your boy’s favorite football team.