DIY Luminary Cityscape

LED luminaries

With nights getting earlier and the sunrise coming later, it sometimes seems like we are living in the dark!  Instead of lamenting the lack of sun, let’s celebrate it with some fun, new (and safe!) luminaries. I decided to go with golden bags for a true “glow” from within and the plaid edger punch for two different effects.  The first is a simple plaid border cutout around the top of the bags, creating little pockets of light at the top {Read More}

Mini Birthday Album…in a Box!


I like to make mini-albums. I think it has something to do with having the instant gratification of a finished project, as opposed to my family scrapbook albums which are added to page by page, but will never actually be finished! I especially like making mini-albums that are unique. I had photos from my twins’ ninth birthday ready to be added to the family album, and decided to make a “gift box” mini-album out of the photos. I literally started {Read More}