DIY Decorative Tape Storage Holder


Washi Tape, how I love thee!  Do you share the same feeling?  If you do, then I’m sure you can relate to having rolls and rolls lying around — in baskets, bowls, etc.  If you know me, you might understand how much I like seeing the alternative use for things.  I recently made a decorative tray from a shadow box and today we’re going to take an unfinished jewelry holder and make use of it as a decorative tape storage {Read More}

Washi Tape Hair Pins

Washi Tape Hair Pins from Crafts Unleashed

There are some projects that are so complicated that they take weeks and months to complete (Hello, Plastic Canvas Robot!). These washi tape hair pins are definitely not that kind of project. They come together in a matter of minutes and then you just leave them to dry for a few hours. Does it get any easier?! Supplies needed to make your own washi tape hair pins: Silver Bobby Pins Washi Tape Mod Podge Dimensional Magic EK Success Cutter Bee {Read More}

Fall Decor Idea: Washi Tape Leaf Garland


Are you planning your fall decor or have you already started decorating?  Either way, this washi tape fall decor leaf garland is for you.  It is super simple to make and can be easily customized to your style.  Grab some washi tape in some fall colors, and let’s get started! Supplies needed to make your own fall decor washi tape leaf garland: Washi Tape (I used metallic gold, tape measure, newspaper print, brown, and sheet music) Maple Leaf Wood Cutouts (I {Read More}

Simple and Instantly Customizable DIY Cards


I can’t tell you how many times I have needed a last minute card, and have had to waste time digging through my stash to find a card with the right sentiment! I came up with a solution for this! Bulk “generic” DIY cards that are instantly customizable with specific sentiment pennants. I mass produced 12 DIY cards in just over a half an hour- and I am thrilled to be able to use them at a moments notice! Supplies needed {Read More}

DIY Instagram Canvas Art


We’re so excited to have Kelsey, from Embracing Messy, guest posting for us today!  Kelsey is a lover of many things, especially crafting, cooking, reading, the outdoors, and so much more.  Make sure to stop by her blog {Embracing Messy} for more fun crafty projects! Do you have tons of Instagram photos just sitting in your phone with no use?  Print them out and display them in a super cute way – a DIY Instagram canvas! It’s super simple and {Read More}

Washi Tape Wine Charms

Washi tape wine charms - Crafts Unleashed

I love crafts that involve wine corks.  I throw a lot of wine and cheese parties so I have lots of corks saved up.  Here is a simple tutorial for making wine charms using just a couple of wine corks.  This is the perfect craft if you only have one or two corks laying around, because one cork makes 5 to 6 wine charms. Supplies needed to make your own washi tape wine charms: Washi Tape Wine Cork Craft Knife {Read More}

Washi Tape Embellished Handmade Card


Paper tape, or most commonly known as washi tape, makes creating handmade cards easier than ever! Create quick cards with multiple patterns using strips of paper tape and a few colorful embellishments. Super simple, very little waste and the only glue used is on the floral embellishments.  The ribbons and the paper tape come in coordinated color packs by Martha Stewart. Supplies needed to make your own washi tape embellished handmade card: Martha Stewart Paper Tape Martha Stewart Specialty Ribbon {Read More}

Washi Tape Marshmallow Pops

Washi tape marshmallow pops

This is my go to treat when I have to make favors for parties.  It is super sweet, but that’s why it’s a treat!  When I make it for kids I usually use candy wafers, which are sweeter than regular chocolate.  When I make it for adults, I usually use dark chocolate and sprinkle it with caramel and sea salt.  The possibilities are endless with these easy treats. Supplies needed to make your own marshmallow pops (recipe makes 1 bag {Read More}

Washi Tape Dry Erase Board

DIY Dry Erase

Are you working on getting organized this month? I know the second the holidays are over I’m ready to start de-cluttering and get our entire home organized. School and basketball season started back up this week, that means its back to a daily organized schedule for our family. Everyone is so busy that it helps to keep a visual reminder of what we have going for the week as well as what we are planning on having for dinner. My {Read More}